BRAINZ MAGAZINE – Sell It ‒ How To Sell Your Business More Easily And On Better Terms

Are you one of the 80% of owners will not manage to sell your business? Do you know how much is your business worth today?

How do you know? And what can you do to change it?

When I started writing this article, I kept in mind an old colleague from 20+ years ago who set me off on my mission to improve business exits. To protect the privacy of his family, let’s call him Trevor (he is a real person).

Trevor had left school at 17 and struggled through a couple of jobs before realizing that he could set up on his own. He started building a product in his garage when he was 24.

By the time he was 35, his business had moved into new premises and Trevor was employing 20 people. He’d also brought in a business partner to get the business growing and take the pressure off himself as being the only decision-maker.


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