How to Avoid Being The 99.96% of Businesses That Don’t Sell

As Entrepreneurs, the dream of building something bigger than a job drives us to take more risks and create a business that has long-lasting value. Any sacrifices are justified by the potential rewards if the business is eventually sold. But there is another horrifying statistic that many business owners turn a blind eye to:

80% of businesses that are attempting to sell do not get sold.

The sad situation is that many business owners work way more hours than they planned. They are so busy running the business they can’t imagine how they’ll ever get out of the day-to-day. Let alone how they’ll get the value out of their business effectively. If this is you, it’s time to think about some Exit Readiness Planning.

The headlines of a decent plan are:

  1. Get out of the day to day
  2. Plan a transfer of control
  3. Get ready for a transfer of ownership

If your business needs you in the day-to-day, you are putting it at risk of being worth less than it should be. Not every business survives the loss of a business owner (no matter how or when the owner leaves), and 100% of business owners leave their businesses. Those businesses that don’t have an Exit Readiness Plan don’t survive and a lifetime of value is then lost.

If you have an actionable plan for “handing over” it’s the start of making your business worth more and have a longer legacy – no matter when you leave, or what the circumstances are. Having a plan and IMPLEMENTING IT generates real value that you can extract to fund a better retirement AND leave a thriving business for the next owners.

A shocking statistic is that MORE THAN HALF of all business owners leave their business before they are ready in a response to either an unexpected offer or an unplanned event such as death, disability, disease or divorce. In these circumstances, the value of your business will be affected unless it is fully prepared. Business owners are forced to respond to these events on the back foot.

And if you are reacting, you aren’t leading (and losing!)

Reacting means you (or your family if you aren’t around) will get less from your business than it is otherwise worth. If you are selling your business proactively, you are likely only to go through the process once. Do. You have any idea what to expect? The process of selling a business is often shrouded in mystery. And it should not be.

Preparation for the successful sale of a business starts the year in advance. Understanding the process and what the buyer is looking for and how it affects the value of the business means the seller can get on the front foot and be ready for the sale.

Preparing for the journey to sell a business means you’ll get more from all the hard work you’ve put into your business. Being ready for a transaction has the added benefit of having a business that is easier to run, more enjoyable to own and less stressful for everyone, including yourself.

Your business will also be worth more!

If you knew your business was going to close its doors when you retire with little or no capital value, would you be making the same decisions today?

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