How to Get A Business Mentor

In football, the fans are often called the 13th team member.  Support from the terraces can lift a team performance to achieve outstanding results.  It’s the same in business – both within it and from outside.  Your family and friends can become an additional team member without working inside your business.  Equally they can become a drag on your energy, a distraction or impediment to your business success.

How to get a business mentor – You need to be prepared for this, it’s a tough one.

Before you take the leap into owning your own business, it helps to know if you are in the right relationship for success.  As a business owner you will work longer hours, be under more pressure and take more responsibility than anyone else in the workforce.  Having a partner or spouse with a positive, supportive attitude is a key component.  

This was illustrated starkly in the film The Founder – the story of Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds.  His first wife, having been worn down by his succession of failed get-rich schemes was completely unsupportive when he put everything into starting the McDonalds franchise.  They divorced, and he married the former wife of one of his early franchisees with whom he shared a real passion for business.

Now I’m not saying all business owners should divorce their less than supportive partners.  Just be aware that the level of support you get from your family can have a significant impact on your journey and the relationship you have with your business.  

When things get tough – and they always do at some point – you need only look at the behemoth that is Facebook to realise that even the giants of business can hit speed bumps – you will need all the physical, emotional, financial and mental support you can get.   

As an Entrepreneurs and Business Owners you are more likely to put your personal relationships at risk.  The positive characteristics which are attractive to people – enthusiasm and passion for life, drive, ambition and energy – are the exact drivers that you engage in your business to the detriment of those you love.  It might not be obvious to your long-suffering partner and kids that you are working such long hours and building your business so that they can have a better future.  

After a while all they will see is that there is something more important than them – always!

Most entrepreneurs try to live life now like most people won’t, so that they can live a life in the future that many can’t.

Helping your loved ones understand the timescale and goals of the business is one step many business owners miss out.  Equally taking breaks to really connect with your family are essential for your mental and physical health as well as the health of your relationships.

Running a business is stressful and no matter how hard you try, you will be taking some of that stress home.  A supportive partner will want to take that away, or at the very least become concerned about the amount of pressure you are putting yourself under.  

Take a minute to put yourself in their shoes.

When you are at home you are still connected to your business, probably attached to your phone or the internet and rarely disconnected from thinking about every aspect of your business.  

From their perspective you:

  • Consider your business more important than your family;
  • Work way too many hours – more than they perceive is necessary;
  • Make the business LOOK like hard work and complain about the challenges more often than celebrate the wins;
  • Pay more attention to business matters than family matters in both time AND attention;
  • Never take a break, or if you do it’s more stressful because you are not “present” for the family.

Lack of support from your loved ones can multiply any stresses or pressures you are already feeling from within the business.  Some of this can be resolved with effective communication. 

Have an open, honest conversation about why you work so hard and how that will allow future financial security.  Also ask for ways that you can show how important the family is to you that fit into your work demands.  Just being listened to helps your spouse or partner feel like they are a valuable part of your life.  Letting them know in advance when there is more pressure at work and why gives them the chance to prepare for your mental and physical absence.  

It won’t hurt you OR your business if you have good night’s sleep once in a while or making your family a top priority at regular intervals. These experiences will leave you refreshed and recharged ready to give more to your business in the long run.

Remember to operate at your peak performance you need rest and recuperation – so take it and find ways to avoid being switched onto your business 24/7.  Even the leaders of nations get holidays and sleep!

Your time and energy is limited – spend them wisely!

Running a business is a roller coaster of emotions and energy, your family and friends will not always be able to understand – or want to.  This is something you need to consider at the start and constantly during the journey.  

Expecting the level of support you need from your family is often unreasonable.  And worrying about how your decisions affect your family often leads to procrastination and hesitation.  When doubts set in, you’ll need someone outside your family and business  to sound out ideas or explore outcomes with. This is where  the power of a business mentor.

Massive action is what separates entrepreneurs from the crowd.  I’m sure you’ve all heard someone say “I had that idea years ago” about whatever the latest “big thing” is – but the difference is someone else took the idea and ran with it – all the way to massive success!  

Time can often be wasted over-thinking.  Procrastination is just fear and insecurity getting into your head and giving you a dose of  “analysis paralysis”.  

Do you feel you need a Business Mentor? The time to take action is NOW!

If you haven’t taken Your Profit Score assessment, go to and see where your business is.  It will help you take a step back from the coal face and analyse the problems.  Then see more clearly what needs to happen in any area of your business to get to your big goals, 

Having clarity on where your business is will liberate you to start a strategic level of thinking and improved decision making. And get you started on DOING the right things in your business for a better future for you, your family and the business.   Help is at hand once you have the diagnosis!

A Final Note on Procrastination

If you feel that procrastination is holding you back, then follow these 5 steps for action:

  • Make a decision, even if you have doubts;
  • Be driven by results;
  • Focus!
  • Break activities into smaller steps;
  • Just DO IT!!

Make A Decision (Even If You Some Doubts)

Some decisions are just more difficult and overwhelming than others’ but recognise that you will never have perfect knowledge and insight into everything. Look at the alternatives available, maybe make a list of pro’s and con’s and talk to someone to share your thinking – but then just decide! 

Once you get going you still can adjust your actions with your forward momentum.  And a decision you make today can be changed tomorrow as long as you make sure you are aligned to your bigger goals.  

If you need help, make the decision to get the assistance you need.

Remember that doing nothing is still a decision – in some cases it’s the right one.

Be Results Driven

Having a goal and sticking to it with the right actions gets the job done. Everyone can be a busy idiot, but being focused on achieving specific goals is a great mindset for productivity. It’s the principle of “The One Thing” – what is the one thing such that by doing it now makes everything else in the future either easier or irrelevant?

Each small step towards a goal builds momentum for the next step and progresses you faster towards the final bigger goals. 


Effective Multi tasking is an oxymoron – you can either be effective or you can multi task.  Sticking to the important tasks each day will produce a high quality output, and keep progress going at the right speed.  For more on this subject read Cal Newport’s excellent book “Deep Work” (great in audio too).

Break Activities Into Steps

When projects are large, complex and need a significant amount of time (or simply are outside your comfort zone) the feeling of overwhelm can cause the paralysis analysis.  Breaking the project down into smaller more manageable activities that are easier to achieve and less overwhelming.  

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