How to start exit conversations with your clients

When you start any conversation with clients about their exit plans, the first question that comes to mind is why is an exit conversation valuable for your practice and your clients? Is it still relevant if they aren’t thinking about an exit? And what happens next if they are interested in exiting now?

The truth for about every business owner is that 100% will leave their business. No one can cheat death. Yet most business owners do not have plans for events such as death or disability, let alone the sale of the business. If they aren’t thinking about this now, then it might be too late when they do start thinking about it.

Learning how to have these conversions is one way that you, as their trusted advisor and tax accountant, can help them and help your practice earn more fees by adding measurable value to your clients.

The benefit in this approach is you might also start thinking and acting on your own exit and succession plans—which means big wins all round. Your retirement is in your hands when you have an exit strategy in place.

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