PODCAST – Business Succession, I Have Kissed A Lot Of Frogs…

There are many obstacles, and sometimes as business owners, we can get caught in the day-to-day that we lose sight of our dream and what lights us up. Doing succession and exit planning is possible by eliminating activities we can delegate and things that we hang that we don’t enjoy.

Running our business effectively starts with focusing on the things that give you joy and energy to create more value. Relocating your energy and identifying what you could have done differently to bring more joy every day can help you manifest your desire. The next important step is creating products that your costumes want to buy right now. Knowing what your customers want and delivering it to them will help you scale to the next level. Don’t just create and deliver what your customers need. Modify it to what they want, understand where they are, and create an interdependence relationship. This will keep your client in a position where they rely on you consistently.

Join the conversation with Christine Nicholson as she shares how you can scale your business and build your succession and exit plan.

Christine is a multi-award-winning UK Business Mentor. She has authored 4 business books and is a regular keynote speaker on Succession and Exit Planning. As a businesswoman who has built multi-million turnover businesses over the last 30 years, Christine has worked with many business owners in all sectors, including taking one from bankruptcy to an 8-figure exit in 18 months. She has spent a few years accidentally running a zoo! Her latest book, SELL IT, helps business owners get their business and themselves ready for the hardest part of the entrepreneur journey, leaving their business in the hands of others. She also sits as a Court Assistant of the Company of Entrepreneurs of the City of London, where she leads a co-mentoring project with the Culture Mile, working with amazing and powerfully impactful creatives.

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