PODCAST – Christine Nicholson – Exit and Succession Planning Strategies

Being in business for over 20 years I am busy running my business and sometimes we business owners forget that our lengthy to-do list will never be completed! As I am aging, I have thought about succession planning to either sell my business in the next decade or have my kids choose to take it over.  Either way, I need to infrastructurally as well as organizationally have a plan that allows me the opportunity to step aside and cash out.

Connie and I discuss the topic of generating real value that business owners can extract to fund a better retirement AND leave a thriving business for the next owners. It all starts with letting go. Christine is a multi-award-winning professional business mentor with 40 years of experience. She has written 4 books, spoken at over 200 events is qualified as an accountant, and has a law degree and a couple of other master’s degrees. I’ve saved businesses in different sectors THOUSANDS of pounds/dollars and helped owners increase the value of their businesses by MILLIONS.

Connie’s motivational quote for today is by – Carol Alongi, “Succession planning is twofold.  One is an emotional one – the desire to leave a legacy – and one is a financial one.”

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