ACCOUNTING INFLUENCERS PODCAST – Exit Planning Services for Accountants with Christine Nicholson

Christine was honoured to be a guest on a very prestigious podcast hosted by Rob Brown.  PLEASE NOTE: The link is below It’s not just for accountants!

Key takeaways from this episode include:

➯ what would have to be happening in an accounting firm or with a business to warrant a conversation about ‘exit planning’

➯ the 3 tiers of accountants who are coping at different levels with the covid pandemic

➯ what accounting firms can do to make themselves more attractive to the younger generation of talent

➯ what a modern approach to your accounting practice can do for your firm’s employer brand in the talent market

➯ the complexity of humans that should make running a business so interesting for accounting advisors

➯ what a culture of rainmaking in an accounting firm might look like

➯ what all accounting firms actually want from their professional advisors to make them feel special

➯ what happens to accounting firms who do not plan succession and exit well in advance

➯ the two most common responses of accounting firms to the pandemic – one lost clients and the other gained them

➯ the role of empathy for accountants and CPAs who really want to be the trusted advisor for their clients

➯ the 4 D’s that force the the exit for business owners or accounting firm owners

➯ the filter accountants need to apply to their client base to prioritise exit planning conversations

➯ the most common trigger accountants should recognise that prompts exit conversations for business owners

➯ what needs shifting with the mindset of business owners that means accountants can help them with exit

➯ the best way for accountants and CPAs can add value to their clients given that 100% of business owners leave their business

Christine sits as a Court Assistant of the Company of Entrepreneurs of the City of London where she lead a co-mentoring project with the Culture Mile working with amazing and powerfully impactful creatives. Contact her here:

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Rob is a renowned MC, facilitator and chair of virtual and in-person panels, conferences and events globally for the accounting and fintech profession.  Rob is co-founder of the Accounting Influencers Roundtable (AIR) mastermind group and co-hosts the world’s most popular accounting and fintech podcast: Accounting Influencers.  Throughout the pandemic, he chaired 24 virtual panels with leaders of global accounting networks and alliances to discuss the key issues and challenges. Rob is retained by several associations and vendors to chair their events and provide high-level interview content for their communities.

He is the bestselling author of Build Your Reputation (Wiley) and his TEDx talk ‘The Personal Brand of You’ has been viewed 300K times on YouTube.

Enjoy the episode (and the entire back catalogue of great podcasts from Rob and Martin)

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