What Type of Business Owner Are You?

Let’s use the analogy of a leaky tap, business owners bear with me unless you’re a plumber then you’ll be all over it!

If 100 homes all had a dripping tap, there will be:

  • A small percentage of homeowners who would be confident about either fixing the problem or spending the time learning the knowledge and skills to get the job done (you can find anything on the internet these days if you spend the time!)
  • Equally there will be a small number of homeowners who would simply call out the plumber who will charge a call out fee and a fix-it-fee – the tap will be fixed within 15 minutes (assuming it’s a worn washer!).  They know that doing it themselves or waiting is a false economy. 

These homeowners recognise that their time is valuable and to fix the tap it’s worth getting in the expertise AND fixing it soon rather than later generally works out cheaper and more convenient.

  • And in the middle with be the group who try and do it themselves and don’t actually fix it, maybe making it worse.  They know that paying to get an expert in would be wise, but they want to give it a go first just in case they can save the money.  They just don’t value the knowledge and expertise and see it as a cost they may be able to avoid. 


  • Finally there will be those who do nothing about it until it becomes a full-on leak with a constant flow of water by which time the whole tap needs replacing, as well as a lot of additional repairs, possibly lost equipment or furniture.  

They know the value of fixing it but choose to delay just in case it fixes itself – they stick their heads in the sand and pretend the problems are not as bad as they appear to be.

Below illustrates the different mindsets.  Business owners fall into 4 groups.  Those who:

  • Have recognised what expertise they need so hire the best people to take those job on knowing that it’s an investment in their business growth (i.e. get a plumber);
  • Don’t really know how to get expertise but recognise the value and understand the importance of employing skills and actively engage with the talent they need in their team when they know they have exceeded their own skillset (i.e. try fixing it themselves, then call a plumber);
  • Have recognised what expertise they need but avoid hiring because it’s too expensive until they absolutely have to and don’t know that they could be achieving so much more with the right talent.  They are doing everything themselves because they can’t imagine anyone else being able to understand their business (i.e. fix it themselves);
  • Have no idea that by hiring expertise their business could be achieving much more than it currently is.  They are unlikely to hire a role that they cannot fully understand the value of.  They consider staff as a cost and hinderance rather than an investment (i.e. they ignore it!)

If you are reading this then you are already “thinking” like someone who is not “ignoring” the challenges and problems in your business – but thinking is not enough.  

It takes ACTION!

Successful people do what they have to, whether they feel like it or not.  

“Success seems to be connected to ACTION.

Successful people keep moving.

They make mistakes but they don’t QUIT”

Conran Hilton

Successful people:

  • Start before they feel ready;
  • Measure and track progress;
  • Are productive not busy;
  • Avoid try to make everything perfect;
  • Make logical informed decisions;
  • Think positive and learn from mistakes;
  • Make small continuous improvements;
  • Keep things simple;
  • Take decisive and timely actions;
  • Create and pursue clear goals.

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