Win The Hour, Win The Day Podcast – How To Grow Your Revenue With Less Clients! with Christine Nicholson

It’s always a privilege to guest on other peoples podcasts and you often never know where the conversation is going to take you.  Kris Ward is a great host, and we had a lot of fun with this episode of her excellent podcast.  Kris Ward helps entrepreneurs to stop working so hard.  And, hands up, I’m a client!  She’s a great coach for helping me work smarter – giving my clients a more consistent experience.

Here Kris gets me talking about some things that will really open your eyes!!! Giving you clear and memorable examples about pricing and the true value of your business.


-what happens to 70% of business and how to prevent it.

-a secret invoicing ninja trick that will change everything for your business.

-how to effectively increase your prices and why you should today!

And MUCH more!!!

Here’s the link to the episode
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Win The Hour, Win The Day!

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