How to Build Effective Systems in your Business

How to Build Effective Systems

Do Your Systems Support Customers Getting Consistent Excellent Service? Every business has systems, whether they are written down or not. But what is a System? Systems are defined in the dictionary as: “a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method”. A process is defined as: “a … Read more

How to Build a Team to Scale Your Business

How to Build a Team to Scale Your Business

Do You Have the Right People in Your Business for Its Full Potential? “No Man Is an Island!”  John Donne The poem “No Man is an Island” was written in 1624, but the sentiments are true even more today.  In a world driven by constant advances in communication technology that allow humans to connect to each … Read more

How to Build a Strategic Plan

How to Build a Strategic Plan

Do You Have a Strategic Plan for Your Business? If a strategic plan is one of the critical factors in Business Success – why doesn’t everyone do it? And of those that do make a business plan, the vast majority don’t make use of it as a tool for tracking where their business is.  The … Read more

How To Improve Cash Management

How to Improve Cash Management

Do You Have Monthly Cash Flow Statements and Regular Cash Forecasts? Cash is ready money in the bank or in the business that can be used to pay suppliers, overheads, or employees. I often hear from the owners of growing companies “I’m doing more business than ever before but I do not know where the … Read more

Why Are Failure Rates In A Tech business High?

Why Are Failure Rates In Tech businesses High

Failure in your tech business should not be seen as a deterrent but an opportunity to learn from past mistakes.  Learning from the failures as much as successes means you are on the road to be the next billionaire.  Hard work is always a fundamental part of the entrepreneur journey. Not all tech business failures … Read more

3 Key Success Factors For Getting Started – BRAINZ MAGAZINE

3 Key Success Factors For Getting Started

If you have been thinking about starting a business or simply not working for someone else but are stuck on an idea, then start with the thing that you are most passionate about! Working for yourself (not the same as being an entrepreneur, but a good start) should not be swapping a soulless, dream-crushing job … Read more

What Makes A Tech Business Successful?

What Makes a tech business successful?

New innovations are ten-a-penny in the tech business world.  Over a quarter of a million new products are launched every year in the USA alone – and that’s a conservative estimate.  It doesn’t include all those ideas that didn’t make it to the invention stage, nor does it include the multitude of products that NEARLY … Read more

How to Build a Successful Technology Business

How to Build a Successful Technology Business

As the focused founder of a technology business, you’ll understand the technical challenges you are trying to overcome and the great potential your product has to positively change outcomes for your customers.  You can’t wait to get started.  You’ve most likely not yet experienced all of the challenges of running a business, from controlling cash … Read more

Building a successful business in Tech – The Big Idea

Building a successful business in tech– The Big Idea

Blue sky thinking It’s great to let your imagination go wild and think BIG!  One of the challenges I see in business owners frequently is not thinking big enough when they have a great product or service.  Successful business technology giants (Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft) all have time for their employees to get out of … Read more