Get Exit Ready

Make Your Business Worth More TODAY (and be richer and happier)

The Truth About Selling Your Business

Two Things Happen to EVERY Business Owner:

100% leave their business.

No one can cheat death. Yet most business owners do not have plans for this eventuality, let alone the sale of the business.

They start in 3 roles.

They are owner, directors and employees. These 3 roles become fused and it makes it difficult to separate them later as the business grows.

Because most business owners only sell one business, it’s essential to understand the exit journey and how to get prepared. Find out how in our free book.

Are you stuck in the day-to-day of your business with no time to plan for the future?

This is making your business worth LESS than it should be.

Why is it important for business owners to Get Exit Ready?

Most business owners only sell one business and have never been through an exit or sale process before. We show them the roadmap for the journey they are going to be on and help make the route smoother and less stressful (saving a bucket load of money at the same time).

Discover how you can make your business worth more AND avoid leaving money on the table when you come to sell.

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How to Get Exit Ready

Are you stuck in the day-to-day of your business with no time to plan for the future? This is making your business worth LESS than it should be.

The Problem
Most business owners only sell one business and don’t have a clear view of what happens.
The Solution
The Get Exit Ready Framework focuses on adding value to your business no matter when you plan to exit.
The Benefits
A saleable business that’s working for you now and in the future while you get to enjoy life more now.
Christine Nicholson

Feedback from Clients:

What it's like working with us

"Christine made a huge difference for me; she helped me to identify my options, and choose actions which worked for me. The changes in my business and personal life since we started have been transformational."

Martin Robertson

"Christine has been a really valuable mentor for my business. She has been active in introducing new partners / investors, acted as a sounding board for strategic challenges.

I look forward to working with her more as my business grows."

Joel Satchi

"When you work with Christine she helps you to get clarity on your business , what you want, where you are and where you are going and how to get there. I would highly recommend Christine, she is simply amazing at what she does!"

Kim Marlor

What We Do - 3 Steps to Exit Readiness

Value Your Business
You need to know how much your business is worth today - the journey always starts with knowing where you are. Your 3-part valuation shows you the value of your business today and what is going to stop it being sold. You also get a benchmark report against your competitors.
Create An Action Plan
When you know your starting point, you'll need a plan to get you where you want to be. Our exit plans are bespoke to you and your business - with everything you need and nothing you don't. Your business will be worth more AND you'll protect your asset value too.
Implement Action FAST
Plans are worthless without action so we make sure you are taking the right actions to make a big difference fast. You'll get your exit team in place so no matter what happens you are ready when YOU choose to leave your business, even if the unexpected happens. Making your business worth more.

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