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Who is the 5-minute finance book for?

Are You a Business Owner who doesn’t understand finance and are short of time? This book is for YOU!

For many of the 5.4m UK business owners who cannot get their heads around their company finance, the challenge is finding the time to learn.  It is one of the most crucial elements of running a successful business, no matter what size or shape. If you are a business owner who wants to have a better understanding of company accounts and finance, then this is the book for you.

This time–friendly book translates the language of finance as it takes you through some of the basic elements of business accounting, explaining what the words mean and how to use them – from profit margins to cash flow and how to understand financial reports.

All this adds up to confidence with your numbers. Max read time is 90 minutes.

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"A must read for all business owners and directors"

"This clear and concise book is a must read for all business owners and directors. It explains in easy to understand plain English all the essential factors to properly understand both financial and management accounts.

As an accountant in practice, I know how many business owners haven’t really got a proper grasp of their own accounts and therefore don’t have the necessary financial information to make the right business decisions.

If you’re a business owner or director who doesn’t feel fully on top of their accounts, I would recommend buying this book. It’s written in 5 minute time slots so it’s easy to absorb and in less than 90 minutes you’ll be conversant with all the essentials of financial and management accounting, as well as understanding financial jargon and terminology."

Andrew Rhodes, Partner, Sobell Rhodes Chartered Accountants