Book: How To B.U.I.L.D A Unicorn

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How to build a Unicorn! We live in a world where inventors are conditioned to accept that success means selling your soul to a Venture Capital Fund, work 24 hours a day fuelled by caffeine, adrenaline and sheer ambition in an attempt at birthing that rarest of beasts, a technology business built on one great idea that is worth $1 billion or more.

The reality is many of these businesses, which can have great ideas at their heart, fail to generate any revenue at all before sinking into oblivion – drowning the founder’s dreams and sinking millions of investor funds.

So how do you guarantee success?

This book will show you the tried and tested methods used by some of the biggest and most successful technology-based companies to produce top quality, customer-focused products and services that generate great revenue streams. Plus, how to build the company so you enjoy the process along the way.

(This is the stuff they don’t teach you in your MBA!)

If you have a great idea that you just know is going to change the world if you can just get it “out there”, then the common belief is that all you need to be successful is a bucket load of money and a superhuman commitment to building it.

The Dream?

After a year or two then Voila! You will have a unicorn and be able to semi-retire on your own private island whilst directly your global empire in a zen-like state.

The Truth?

The world is littered with failed companies, inventors crushed dreams and investors lost funds. The top 10 biggest fails of past Unicorn businesses have consumed over $4 billion of lost investment, the loss of thousands of jobs and a few shattered dreams along the way.

None if it was because of a lack of effort on the part of the founders, who have lost not only their dreams but large chunks of their lives, health and happiness in the pursuit of great riches. The good news is there is no shortage of Unicorns still keeping the hopes of many founders and investors alive – even if the real-life value of those businesses is yet to be realised. And there is evidence that potential unicorns do go onto deliver their promised treasures – though these are incredibly rare.

So, what does it take to succeed when many well-educated, well-funded founder-led companies, who have appeared to have all the ingredients for achieving stratospheric results, have floundered and ultimately died?

In this book you are guided through a simple B.U.I.L.D. framework that identifies all the key elements to roadmap the business for your technology-based idea. From start to finish you will be shown the essential critical path that is used by the modern-day technology giants to ensure that products and services are guaranteed to generate highly profitable revenue streams.

Each stage of the process provides a “halt and catch fire” common sense check so you don’t get caught up in hype and waste your precious time, health and wealth (and your investors money!) on a business that is broken before it begins. Finally, when your idea is turned into reality, this book shows you how to run the business and enjoy it in practical terms from someone who has walk those steps and stumbled along the way.

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