How Saleable is Your Business?

How saleable is your business?

For motivated business founders, the route to exit is often seen as limited. Selling to another company, trying to hand over to the next generation or simply closing the doors having bled enough money out of it while it is still running. There are so many more options, and each option is not mutually exclusive … Read more

Systemise to Scale!

Systemise to Scale

How to Systemise to Achieve More with Less in Your Business Systems are processes, procedures and methods of working that allow a consistent high quality of delivery for repetitive or repeatable tasks or decision-making.  The benefit of “systems” is that you, as the business owner, can extend your influence and reach by getting others to … Read more

Introduction to Ownership Mindset

Christine Nicholson and Ash Taylor Ownership Mindset

This article identifies what needs to happen to empower your workforce to stop working for wages and start investing in the company’s future as if they were owners. You will learn: How to get your workforce into an ownership mindset An understanding of why you might be the problem and what needs to change The … Read more

Christine Nicholson features in International Accounting Bulletin

  Christine Nicholson  on Bridging the Gap between Business Owners and Accountants Ahead of the Digital Accountancy Forum on 17th June, IAB spoke with Christine Nicholson about 3 decades of business mentoring, an eclectic career history, and the uncomfortable conversations accountants and business owners must have. Melissa Lane Porter finds out more. Christine Nicholson wants accountants … Read more

Are YOU Ready to Sell Your Business?

Are you ready to sell your business

When you decide to sell your business timing is everything. Being prepared means you are in a stronger position to take advantage of whatever opportunities arise.  There are now more businesses than ever before.  More people are taking control of their own futures and starting out on their own.  Is the dream of building something … Read more

Why Businesses Fail to Sell

Why Businesses Fail to sell

Selling Failure 80% of all businesses that are for sale never get sold.  And the main reason why businesses fail to sell is, most business owners do not have the knowledge or experience of the sale process. A lack of appropriate information means they are poorly prepared (i.e., not at all) and fall at one … Read more

Building Your Business So You Can Sell It (Podcast)

BUSINESS MENTOR UK PODCAST: PROFITS FIRST I was pleased to guest on the fantastic GROW MY ACCOUNTING PRACTICE PODCAST with Mike and Ron. Mike Michalowicz is the Co-Founder of Profit First Professionals and the author of Profit First. By his 35th birthday, Mike had founded and sold two multi-million-dollar companies. Confident that he had the … Read more

Introduction to Ownership Mindset

Christine Nicholson and Ash Taylor Ownership Mindset

Business owners think of the business in a way that no one else does, including the employees.  But how would it feel if your business had every employee acting and thinking as if they also owned the business?  Imagine igniting that passion and energy in everyone who comes to work every day.  Here’s how. This … Read more

When You Are In The Wrong Job….

Christine Nicholson - in the wrong job

Back in January 2016, listening to a keynote speech from the renowned author of the E-Myth book, Michael Gerber, I had a bit of an epiphany. Many entrepreneurs have such moments usually when they are in their day jobs, working for someone else and the light bulb that’s been in the back of their mind … Read more

How to Fix: My Cash Flow


One question that seems to arise more often than any other is “How do I get a better grip of my cash flow?” Many business owners find controlling their cash flow a real challenge and think that it’s complicated or they need to be an accountant to understand it.  To get a grip of cash … Read more