Business Mentor Podcast – Courage to Get More From Your Business.

The Courage to Lead

Christine Nicholson joined The Courage to Lead Podcast hosted by Harlan Hammack. Both business mentors endeavoured to answer the following questions: Do you have a vision for where you want your business to be but it’s in your head and you haven’t communicated that vision to your team? Do you find yourself stuck in the … Read more

BRAINZ MAGAZINE – Knowing Your Numbers Could Save Your Business

Knowing Your Numbers Could Save Your Business

One of the biggest holes in many business owner’s knowledge is a basic understanding of the key numbers. Not just Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet, but the main drivers and levers within their businesses. Not knowing your numbers is a major handicap – you cannot plan or forecast effectively, you cannot manage … Read more

PODCAST – How to Plan the Exit from Your Business

How to Plan the Exit from Your Business with Christine Nicholson

Finka Jerkovic of Finka Communications Inc – Sell From Love Podcast episode 68 is with me Christine Nicholson. Why you should start planning the end of your business sooner than you think. During the 40 minute podcast we discuss the following: How the planning process of figuring out how you’re going to exit actually can … Read more

Business Podcast – Succession Planning

PODCAST - Terminal Value with Special Guest Christine

Finance and Operations  – Doug and Christine spoke about values based succession planning, the best thing a Leader can do is create an environment where everyone is aware of mutual needs. Getting ready to exit and looking at ways that the company can continue without you permanently. You can find the audio podcast feed at … Read more

PODCAST – Zero to 5000 with Special Guest Christine


DON’T GET TRAPPED IN NO MAN’S LAND – CHRISTINE NICHOLSONAnother inspiring conversation on the Zero to 5000 Podcast today. We were joined by Christine Nicholson, a co-founder of numerous businesses and current Business Mentor We discussed: – The importance of staying curious – “letting go” it counts in your business and your personal life – … Read more

BRAINZ MAGAZINE – What Kind of Business Owner Are You?

What Type Of Business Owner Are You

For over 25yrs I have asked this question of pretty much every business owner. To find the actual answer you will need to view my article on Brainz. Yes I’m directing you away from my website but I’m trusting it opens in a new tab and I’ll still be here once you’ve read it. Why … Read more

What affects your business value?

What affects business value

“No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” – Plato When business owners think about the value of their business, they rarely do it objectively.  Most business owners do not know how to value their business from the perspective of a buyer.  If they do know valuation methods, they often apply entirely … Read more

How to Fail at Selling Your Business

How to Fail at Selling Your Business

80% of all businesses that are for sale never get sold.  And the main reason is that most business owners do not have the knowledge or experience of the processes of selling a business. A lack of appropriate information means they are poorly prepared (i.e., not at all) and fall at one of the many … Read more