Accreditations and Awards

A Professional Business Mentor is experienced and has already walked more than a mile in your shoes. 

They know exactly how it feels.  They’ve lost sleep, worried about and struggled with the same issues.  They’ve survived, learned their lessons and come out the other side.

Not only has Christine got the business battle scars that make her an experienced Business Mentor –  she also has the following accreditations and awards that are evidence of her ability to create big impacts for you and your business.


Christine Nicholson is professionally qualified, accredited and recognised as an expert by the following bodies.

Professional Accreditation – Business Mentor

Christine was the 1st Professionally Accredited Business Mentor member of the Association of Business Mentors – achieving the highest level of professional accreditation in December 2018.

She continued to champion the professional pathways for Business Mentoring.

Level 7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors (8589-21)

Issued by ILM
Christine was awarded this qualification for professional business mentors at an executive or senior level having gained further knowledge and skills in July 2021. It is a Masters level, post graduate qualification for senior professionals who wish to develop their expertise and credibility in the fields of Executive and Senior level mentoring. (Ofqual Qualification Number: 603/3762/X and ILM Qualification Number 8589-21)

Christine was invited to become an Executive Contributor of Brainz Magazine in January 2021

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are carefully hand-picked for their relevant industry knowledge, game-changing attitudes and expertise. Implementing an invite-only approach ensures an exclusive network with the very best, value-focused writers on board. Brainz Magazine operates at the very forefront of international publishing, reaching readers from over 65 countries, across 6 continents worldwide.

Brainz. mission is to feature appealing stories of interest that will inspire and empower.


Christine has been recognised by the following award bodies:

Business Mentor 2022 – Christine Nicholson – Brainz CREA Global Awards

The Brainz CREA Global Awards is a prestigious list of top entrepreneurs, influential leaders, and innovators who have been recognized for their innovative ideas, resourcefulness, or for their accomplishments in the areas of sustainability and mental health.
Christine was awarded this honour in June 2022.

Business Mentoring Adviser of the Year – Christine Nicholson – UK in the Global 100 Awards

Christine was awarded this honour in February 2022.

It is a requirement for these awards to receive no less than 21% in votes from the global readership, currently in excess of 293,000, to further endorse the worthiness of the awards presented.


Most Outstanding Professional Business Mentor 2022 – UK

Corporate Vision Magazine 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards have recognised Christine as the UK’s most outstanding Professional Business Mentor in February 2022.

The 2022 awards celebrate and raise the profile of industrious, hardworking and innovative businesses from across the globe, but recognise the key players who have maintained leadership in their industry in what has been the most challenging past 2 years.

UK Business Mentor of the Year 2021

Now in its 8th year, the Finance Monthly Global Awards recognise and commend financial advisers and organisations from across the globe who have excelled in their work and have performed at the highest level possible. As each year passes, each of the Finance MonthlyGlobal Awards winners must have adapted and innovated more than in any previous year, so that they thrive in what is truly a unique time in global innovation and politics. It is this constant response to change, coupled with business foresight, that keeps the Finance Monthly Global Awards winners one step ahead of their competitors.

UK Business Mentor of the Year 2020

The Finance Monthly Global Awards are dedicated to spreading inspiration across the world of finance, and to highlight the outstanding work done by financial advisers and organisations at an international level. We are celebrating those who have excelled in their work, the innovative players and those who have exceeded client expectations and demonstrated measurable achievements over the last 12 – 18 months – even in the current challenging environment.


Nominated as a top woman in the accounting industry!

Recognition that Christine is making a huge difference within the industry, keeping businesses prospering and drive positive change after what has been a crazy couple of years.

The Ignition Women in Accounting awards recognise women who are:

  • Promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workplace
  • Supporting community and advocacy of the accounting industry
  • Championing culture in the workplace to help #BreakTheBias


Christine joins 49 exceptional women making an impact in the accounting industry, celebrating the outstanding women leading the charge, driving change and creating opportunities for the next generation within the accounting industry.

Since the launch of the ‘Women in Accounting’ initiative on International Women’s Day in 2018, Ignition have honored and recognized women who are driving change and creating opportunities for the next generation within the Accounting and Bookkeeping industry.