Chloe’s Success Story

Re-sizing and relocating a business

Chloe was already a success story, a successful business owner who had sold her marketing agency and decided to make a lifestyle change by moving to Cornwall.  With a top business podcast and being a sought after public speaker in the e-commerce sphere, she is also a leading author on the subject.

Chloe met Christine in 2016 – or rather Christine met Chloe, having stalked her through the excellent e-commerce content Chloe is famous for.  Christine “pounced” on Chloe at a National E-Commerce Conference and became a customer of Chloe.

Roll forward a couple of years and Chloe was losing her energy for her business.  Despite all the success, she knew her business could be doing so much more:

“It’s just me in my business so I can get a bit internally focused and lose perspective on the potential of the business. I realised I needed some outside help, to get me out of the rut and see the potential again. I’ve had a series of sessions with Christine. Through them she’s given me the kick up the arse I needed, and helped me see and understand the great options in front of me. As well as work out which to focus on.”

All Change

Just a few sessions with Christine completely changed Chloe’s view of what was possible in her business and where her energy could be best placed.  Now with a second fully sponsored podcast that’s generating regular income, and a new found passion for her business, Chloe is on track for greater success and the associated income she’s worked so hard for over the last decade:

“Since getting Christine’s input I’ve got fired up again about the potential, and have much more clarity about what I should be working on to maximise future income”

NOTE:  if you are interested in e-commerce, find Chloe at here

Her books are excellent and highly recommended as are her award-winning podcasts.  Check out episode 103 of eCommerce Masterplan podcast to hear about Christine’s venture into e-commerce.  And episode 154 on why Christine chose to close her business even through it was the Number 1 in the UK.

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