Emily’s Success Story

A purpose led business

Emily joined her husband’s purpose-led, impact focused business that was founded to address the poor outcomes for inner-city youth.  Since 2003 they have delivered over 10,000 hours of development programmes, involving thousands of diverse young talent, and many of the UK’s leading businesses. Their aim has always been to bridge the gap between ambitious socially and ethnically diverse talent and UK PLC, through delivering high-quality, high-impact experiences.

When Emily was referred to Christine by a mutual friend in 2016, she was frustrated and confused after seeing advice and support from accountants and “Finance Directors”:

“Having worked with quite a number of FDs and accountants over the years she stands apart for making the complex simple to understand and execute.  I have often ended up feeling stupid in previous interactions for my lack of knowledge in the more intricate matters of finance when talking with other FDs”

Practical business advice

Emily needed practical advice on the business as a whole and working with Christine gave her the confidence to ask challenging questions of herself and the people in her team.  For the first time she felt listened to enabling her to take some difficult decisions.  Mentoring enabled Emily to explore solutions for her business by testing her assumptions and sounding out different paths:

“…..for honing in on the key issues, for suggesting and delivering practical ways forward. She gives her insight with compassion”

Being challenged, listened to and encouraged meant Emily no longer felt isolated.  She got practical commercial guidance and unbiased input.  It enabled her to get a clearer perspective of the business and some positive forward momentum in a period of significant change.

“Christine is a godsend for any business owner/ entrepreneur needing practical commercial guidance and input. but is also absolutely committed to action and positive momentum. She doesn’t shy away from the hard messages but is also incredibly helpful in finding a way forward.”

Experience and support

Having an experienced business owner by her side gave Emily the confidence to step up when it came to financial management (and she knew far more than she realised!)  Christine’s background as an Finance Director as well as a seasoned business owner was a valuable part of the experience of working together.

“She has supported, encouraged and helped me immensely over the last few years. If you are an entrepreneur needing supportive, human, actionable help with your commercials and operating structure look no further.”

Note:  find out more about Emily’s multi-award-winning business here https://www.arrivaleducation.com/