Holly’s Success Story

Setting up her business was an antidote to her husband’s deployment to Afghanistan.

Holly needed to do something more than just wait for his safe return (which he did).  The Success Story begins as she quickly made an impact with her award winning design agency and even featured on ITV.  But early success soon plateaued and she felt she was a little lost. Holly met Christine in 2017.

“Before I met Christine I felt like I was utterly lost. It was a scary place to be. I had no direction and had really lost confidence. Christine has given me so much support, encouragement and the resources in order to help me get on my path to building my dream business.”

Holly’s journey has been typical of many business owners.

It’s been a roller coaster with some difficult times.  Mentoring gave Holly the support and guidance she needed to get back on track and keep her going in the right direction.

“Together we tore everything apart and went back to basics. I hadn’t realised where I had gone wrong and this exercise was incredibly challenging (and emotional) but hugely productive. It was taken to the bare bones. I now have incredibly clear goals and strategies in place and am now finally moving down the path to success.”

With new found confidence –

Holly has built the business she wants which is sustainable, profitable and enjoyable to work in.  She’s nailed the importance of rhythmically acquiring her ideal customers and manages her logistics to make sure the entire customer experience reflects the premium nature of her products.

“Christine has such an empathic ear and truly listens. She is understanding and super tough when I’m resisting! (In a very good way!) She pushes me past my boundaries and I’m creating and doing things I never, ever thought I could do in a million years. She has given me so much value around the topics of visualisation and the power of the mind and this has been exceptionally helpful to me.

“I honestly do not know where I would be without her. I still can’t believe the progress I’ve made since we started working together.”

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