Tamsyn’s Success Story

The challenge of starting up to write a success story

Tamsyn’s business was born out of the need to change her lifestyle after going on maternity leave and not seeing a way she could balance working at her employer with being the parent she wanted to be.

As with many of Christine’s clients, she experienced the loneliness, frustration and confusion when building her business whilst taking on the staff needed to grow her company.

Having regular mentoring sessions with Christine meant getting guidance and insight that allowed Tamsyn to think more clearly about the future of her business.

“My business and my mindset have been transformed after just 6 months of working with Christine.  Running a business can at times be lonely, confusing and frustrating. Her knowledge and experience have helped guide me through important decisions, to grow both my business and my profit margin.”

New Focus

With a new found focus and being able to test ideas, explore what’s possible and the consequences of decisions, Tamsyn found she “unstuck” herself and allowed her to grow her business more easily.  This was especially true when making difficult decisions around the changing needs of the business that required a change of team members.  Making decisions faster and with clearer goals makes expanding the business easier:

“The best thing is having someone to be held accountable to: before working with Christine, I’d often prioritise the wrong things – she would always bring me back to reality, and help me focus on my end goal.”

“Anyone who has been waiting for the ‘right time’  to call Christine should just do it – there is no better time to help your business than NOW.”

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