3 Ways to Make Your Business Robust, Not Go Bust!

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Businesses are being tested in ways they have never been tested before. The sad news is that whilst the COVID-19 situation is unprecedented, it is also highly likely to happen again at some time in the future – hopefully the distant future.  Many businesses are currently in survival mode and looking at how to keep … Read more

Is Your Business Your Pension?

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Most business owners have a sizable portion (if not all) of their pension tied up in their businesses.  Yet they have no clear idea or plan for how they are going to get access to the value from their business and discover what’s next in their life’s journey. Have you given thought to the kind … Read more

How to Improve the Value of Your Business

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Your guide to making your business worth more so you have a richer, happier future. A Cautionary Tale Once upon a time, not long ago and not far away there was an ordinary man, called Trevor, who had built up his business over nearly 20 years.  He employed nearly 100 people and generated about £10m … Read more