3 Steps To Make Your Business Worth More And Enjoy Complete Peace Of Mind

Like death and taxes, a stone-cold certainty as a business owner is that someday, you’ll leave your business… and you can’t always know when. But you can make your business worth more!

If you don’t plan your exit, bad things happen: for you, for your family, for your clients, for your employees, for your suppliers. For society, in fact…

Luckily, in the new episode of the Growth Moves podcast, Christine Nicholson is on hand to explain her 3 Steps To Make Your Business Worth More – And Have Complete Peace Of Mind.

Christine is an author, speaker and award-winning Professional Business Mentor who works with business owners in technology, engineering or product or services businesses turning over £1m or more. She was UK Business Mentor of the Year 2020 and a Global Top 50 Woman in Accounting and you may have seen her on the BBC talking about business…

Listen in now, and also finally get an answer to that other question keeping you awake at night: do Koala Bears have fingerprints that are indistinguishable from those of humans?

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