When You Are In The Wrong Job….

Christine Nicholson - in the wrong job

Back in January 2016, listening to a keynote speech from the renowned author of the E-Myth book, Michael Gerber, I had a bit of an epiphany. Many entrepreneurs have such moments usually when they are in their day jobs, working for someone else and the light bulb that’s been in the back of their mind … Read more

How to Fix: My Cash Flow


One question that seems to arise more often than any other is “How do I get a better grip of my cash flow?” Many business owners find controlling their cash flow a real challenge and think that it’s complicated or they need to be an accountant to understand it.  To get a grip of cash … Read more

Cash, crashes and cash flow

LBS x COE - cash crashes and cashflow

For any venture, cash is king. Run out of cash one day and the venture is dead the next day unless the founders are willing to max out credit cards, fire everyone or (not recommended) trade illegally. Yet many now successful founders have at one time or another run out of cash and still live … Read more

How to: Get More From Your Accountant

account and business owner

Bridging the gap between the business owner and their accountant I was recently interviewed by Melissa at the International Accounting Bulletin where I shared how I want accountants to get acquainted with what she refers to as the ‘C’ word to they can help their client more (not just talk about it).  Here’s the article.  … Read more

5 ways to forecast Brexit costs

Five Ways to Forecast Brexit

Where might hidden Brexit costs arise? From additional paperwork through to new legal requirements and supply chain risks, the impact of Brexit on UK business is wide-ranging, and can impact revenue in many ways. In this article, we will discuss the various hidden costs of Brexit, and how small businesses can plan ahead to minimise … Read more

3 Steps To Make Your Business Worth More And Enjoy Complete Peace Of Mind

Like death and taxes, a stone-cold certainty as a business owner is that someday, you’ll leave your business… and you can’t always know when. But you can make your business worth more! If you don’t plan your exit, bad things happen: for you, for your family, for your clients, for your employees, for your suppliers. For society, in … Read more

Business Mentor Case Study: Discovering Ideal Exit Options

Case Study

Case Study – Specialist Technical Services Company Getting Started Case Study introduction – Having established the business in 2012, the owners knew their business had reached a cross roads.  One shareholder was looking at retirement whilst the other “had another 20 years” in them.  But they didn’t know what options they had to enable one … Read more

Case Study – An Exit Plan That Leaves a Legacy

Case Study 3 things

CASE STUDY – 20-year-Old Technology and Design Business Getting Started Experts in their field, the shareholders of this well-established company were already in their 60’s and recognised that they’d been so busy “doing” they hadn’t spent any time planning for what would happen to their business when they wanted to retire.  One thing was certain, … Read more

What is Gross Profit? Everything You Need To Know

What is your gross profit

Gross profit is an important area of a company’s income statement. Here’s a look at exactly what gross profit is and how you can use it for growth. Gross profit is an important area of a company’s income statement that can provide crucial insights on how effectively you are using your resources to make and … Read more

Making the Most of Your Business Value

Christine Nicholson - Always do what makes my heart sing business value

Most business owners have a sizeable portion (if not all) of their pension tied up in their business and yet have no clear idea or plan for how they are going to get it out. In order to live the kind of retirement they’ve been dreaming of. So if you are here to hear more … Read more