What affects your business value?

What affects business value

“No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” – Plato When business owners think about the value of their business, they rarely do it objectively.  Most business owners do not know how to value their business from the perspective of a buyer.  If they do know valuation methods, they often apply entirely … Read more

How to Fail at Selling Your Business

How to Fail at Selling Your Business

80% of all businesses that are for sale never get sold.  And the main reason is that most business owners do not have the knowledge or experience of the processes of selling a business. A lack of appropriate information means they are poorly prepared (i.e., not at all) and fall at one of the many … Read more

3 Tips To Become A More Successful Entrepreneur

Christine Nicholson and Ash Taylor successful entrepreneur

Whilst speaking at a number of events recently, one question kept coming up again and again so I thought put the answer in an article. A successful entrepreneur needs to answer the question “How to I get more of the right stuff done in my business?” The business owners asking this all commented that they … Read more

Successfully Selling Your Business

Successfully Selling Your Business

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” – Zig Ziglar Business sales – success factors Even when the world seems to be heading for economic meltdown with financial crashes, global pandemics and stock market bubbles bursting, businesses still get sold and buyers still buy. Where a business shows it can give a return to its investors, there … Read more

Are Business Networks Worth Joining?

Are Business Networks Worth Joining

There are countless business networks available to business owners.  Many are more social than business – and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you know what you are getting.  Are you overpaying for a nice lunch or are you getting something more out of it?  What’s important to you? Most business networks are … Read more

Fail to Plan? or Planning to Fail?

fail to plan Christine Nicholson and Ash Taylor

How many business owners fail to plan?  If strategic planning is one of the critical factors in Business Success – why doesn’t everyone do it? And of those that do make a business plan, the vast majority don’t make use of it as a tool for tracking where their business is. The plan is gathering … Read more

Why is Now the Best Time to Get Exit Ready?

Why now is the best time to get exit ready

“Better 3 hours too soon than 3 minutes too late.”  – William Shakespeare Timing is Everything Being prepared and exit ready means you are in a stronger position to take advantage of whatever opportunities arise.  There are now more businesses than ever before.  More people are taking control of their own futures and starting out … Read more

Finding a Business Mentor for you and your business

How to find a business mentor

Getting a Business Mentor Brings Accountability Research and surveys prove that having a mentor is important to success.  80 percent of CEOs said they received some form of mentorship and 93 percent of successful start-ups said that mentorship was instrumental to success.  The business failure rate is surprisingly high, with 30 percent of new businesses do … Read more

How to Succession Plan for Business Owners

As a business owner the weight of your business is usually entirely on your shoulders.  So how do you make sure that all your hard work doesn’t disappear the minute you turn your back in it – whatever the reason? The key to a long-lasting successful business is strong leadership, a clear succession plan and … Read more

PODCAST – This Week in Property with Special Guest Christine

This Week in Property

Helping Business Owners to Help Themselves… In today’s show, we chat with multi-award-winning professional business mentor Christine Nicholson. Christine has been helping businesses in different sectors succeed for over 30 years. She has literally seen it all. And in 2021 she was named UK Business Mentor of the Year. —- 📘 Latest UK Property News … Read more