How to: Get More From Your Accountant

Bridging the gap between the business owner and their accountant

I was recently interviewed by Melissa at the International Accounting Bulletin where I shared how I want accountants to get acquainted with what she refers to as the ‘C’ word to they can help their client more (not just talk about it).  Here’s the article.  Some accountants may want to look away!

As a Chartered Management Accountant with a law degree and a post-graduate degree in information systems management, Christine Nicholson has experience across business operations and maximising back-office activities such as finance, HR, IT and legal/statutory requirements.

She brings a wider understanding of how business works and the strategies to optimise its value, and will be presenting ‘How to get a better Understanding of Your Client’, at Digital Accountancy Forum on 17th June 2021.


Christine Nicholson on Bridging the Gap between Business Owners and Accountants

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