Building Your Business So You Can Sell It (Podcast)

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BUSINESS MENTOR UK PODCAST: PROFITS FIRST I was pleased to guest on the fantastic GROW MY ACCOUNTING PRACTICE PODCAST with Mike and Ron. Mike Michalowicz is the Co-Founder of Profit First Professionals and the author of Profit First. By his 35th birthday, Mike had founded and sold two multi-million-dollar companies. Confident that he had the … Read more

Cash, crashes and cash flow

LBS x COE - cash crashes and cashflow

For any venture, cash is king. Run out of cash one day and the venture is dead the next day unless the founders are willing to max out credit cards, fire everyone or (not recommended) trade illegally. Yet many now successful founders have at one time or another run out of cash and still live … Read more

How to: Get More From Your Accountant

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Bridging the gap between the business owner and their accountant I was recently interviewed by Melissa at the International Accounting Bulletin where I shared how I want accountants to get acquainted with what she refers to as the ‘C’ word to they can help their client more (not just talk about it).  Here’s the article.  … Read more