Building Your Business So You Can Sell It (Podcast)

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BUSINESS MENTOR UK PODCAST: PROFITS FIRST I was pleased to guest on the fantastic GROW MY ACCOUNTING PRACTICE PODCAST with Mike and Ron. Mike Michalowicz is the Co-Founder of Profit First Professionals and the author of Profit First. By his 35th birthday, Mike had founded and sold two multi-million-dollar companies. Confident that he had the … Read more

Introduction to Ownership Mindset

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Business owners think of the business in a way that no one else does, including the employees.  But how would it feel if your business had every employee acting and thinking as if they also owned the business?  Imagine igniting that passion and energy in everyone who comes to work every day.  Here’s how. This … Read more

Cash, crashes and cash flow

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For any venture, cash is king. Run out of cash one day and the venture is dead the next day unless the founders are willing to max out credit cards, fire everyone or (not recommended) trade illegally. Yet many now successful founders have at one time or another run out of cash and still live … Read more

How to: Get More From Your Accountant

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Bridging the gap between the business owner and their accountant I was recently interviewed by Melissa at the International Accounting Bulletin where I shared how I want accountants to get acquainted with what she refers to as the ‘C’ word to they can help their client more (not just talk about it).  Here’s the article.  … Read more

3 Steps To Make Your Business Worth More And Enjoy Complete Peace Of Mind

Like death and taxes, a stone-cold certainty as a business owner is that someday, you’ll leave your business… and you can’t always know when. But you can make your business worth more! If you don’t plan your exit, bad things happen: for you, for your family, for your clients, for your employees, for your suppliers. For society, in … Read more

Business Mentor Case Study: Discovering Ideal Exit Options

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Case Study – Specialist Technical Services Company Getting Started Case Study introduction – Having established the business in 2012, the owners knew their business had reached a cross roads.  One shareholder was looking at retirement whilst the other “had another 20 years” in them.  But they didn’t know what options they had to enable one … Read more

Case Study – An Exit Plan That Leaves a Legacy

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CASE STUDY – 20-year-Old Technology and Design Business Getting Started Experts in their field, the shareholders of this well-established company were already in their 60’s and recognised that they’d been so busy “doing” they hadn’t spent any time planning for what would happen to their business when they wanted to retire.  One thing was certain, … Read more

Is Your Business Your Pension?

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Most business owners have a sizable portion (if not all) of their pension tied up in their businesses.  Yet they have no clear idea or plan for how they are going to get access to the value from their business and discover what’s next in their life’s journey. Have you given thought to the kind … Read more

Making the Most of Your Business Value

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Most business owners have a sizeable portion (if not all) of their pension tied up in their business and yet have no clear idea or plan for how they are going to get it out. In order to live the kind of retirement they’ve been dreaming of. So if you are here to hear more … Read more

How to Improve the Value of Your Business

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Your guide to making your business worth more so you have a richer, happier future. A Cautionary Tale Once upon a time, not long ago and not far away there was an ordinary man, called Trevor, who had built up his business over nearly 20 years.  He employed nearly 100 people and generated about £10m … Read more